Zadzwoń do nas




It is a preparation of hyaluronic acid volumetric injection that restores lost facial contour, giving firmness chin, cheeks and cheek bones, which collapsed and weakened as a result of related with age-related decrease in body weight and fat loss. Depending on the cycle of treatments you can see a return of smooth, full cheeks and firm, tall, youthful-looking cheekbones, refreshing restore facial volume and clear return delicate cheeks and jaw line, and succulent young looking chin. With age, loss of fat and its downward movement makes the face loses its volume and oval. Becomes more sharp features so that it looks much older. By restoring lost volume and improve contours, volumetric treatments allow you to effectively rejuvenate the face and neck.


  • modeling of the cheekbone area
  • improve the contours of your face
  • fill so-called “Valley of tears”
  • fill nasolabial furrows and the corners of the mouth
  • improvement in skin firmness


  • herpes
  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

Before the procedure, local anesthesia is used, the procedure is virtually painless. Treatment procedure takes about 30 minutes, and the effect is immediate


Immediately after the treatment you will notice that the contours of the face is fuller and rounder giving your face a softer, younger look. Results maintain very long, it was shown that the lifting effect obtained with a treatment can be seen up to 18 months.


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