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Videodermatoscopic examination

Videodermatoscope examination is a modern technology for the diagnosis and control of skin birthmarks and early detection of skin cancer.
VIDEODERMATOSCOPE is a precise device that allows for a comprehensive examination of the skin surface and the performance of computer analysis and digital documentation of skin lesions.

A dermatoscopic examination should be performed for each lesion that:

  • just appeared,
  • it grows fast,
  • is peeling,
  • itches
  • is bleeding
  • has irregular edges,
  • has a non-uniform color,
  • is changing fast

The course of the procedure
The test is painless, non-invasive, not burdensome for the patient, can be repeated as often as desired, and is technically easy to perform. On the other hand, it requires experience in evaluating dermatoscopic images.
During the examination, the doctor places a dermatoscope on the assessed area, the camera transmits an electronic image of the skin lesion to the computer, which analyzes the lesion and assesses its nature. The examination lasts from several to several minutes.

The test gives us greater diagnostic sensitivity of the test compared to viewing the moles with the unaided eye (this enables more accurate examination of skin lesions below 3 mm) and allows us to avoid unnecessary skin biopsies in cases difficult to assess with the naked eye.

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