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Nonsurgical fat reduction

Ultrasonic lipocavitation

Liposuction without a scalpel, i.e. non-invasive removal of fat cells.
Thanks to the modern achievements of medicine, it is possible to lose 3 to 8 cm in circumference after just one treatment.

It can be used to reduce the circumference of selected parts of the body, eliminate obesity, break down cellulite as well as for facial slimming treatments. The device is equipped with three heads responsible for the disruption and fragmentation of fat cells and a set of infrared heads to remove disintegrated tissues from the body. It also has a special face slimming head.


  • hanging arms
  • leather hanging above the knees
  • loose skin between the thighs
  • skin laxity after childbirth, rapid weight loss, after liposuction
  • reduction of adipose tissue, slimming
  • body shaping
  • skin firming
  • cardiovascular stimulation
  • skin nourishment
  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • stimulation of metabolism
  • breaking down cellulite


  • neuromuscular conduction disorders
  • pregnancy
  • pacemakers, metal implants

The course of the procedure

The device triggers a high frequency of 40,000 Hz ultrasound through highly efficient ultrasound heads that quickly vibrate fat cells, creating vacuum pockets inside and outside the cells. Occurring vibrations have a strong impact on fat cells, causing the formation of internal fissures in the cell membrane, which allows the fat cell membranes to be torn apart. Then, under the influence of an elastic wave of 0.5 MHz, the content of the fat cell is brought into a liquid form and decomposed with the simultaneous disruption of the cell membrane. The resulting release movements achieved by targeted infrared light and drainage pulses begin to discharge the resulting substances into the body and release them during metabolic processes through the hepatic circulation.

For complete satisfaction it is advisable to use a series. The number of treatments depends directly on the starting point and customer expectations

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