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Treatment of vitiligo

Vitiligo - is a disease involving depigmentation of the skin, caused by the dying out of melanocytes (i.e. cells responsible for the color of the skin). It can appear in two forms: acquired and congenital. Congenital albinism is genetically determined, but Vitiligo can be inherited only partially or not at all. Vitiligo is largely determined by environmental changes and problems, which is manifested by the breakdown or complete disappearance of skin pigment cells.


  • skin depigmentation
  • white discoloration of the skin


  • pregnancy

The course of the procedure
In order to diagnose vitiligo, a thorough medical history is carried out (the dermatologist must make sure that white spots are not accompanied by other symptoms), and a Wood's lamp test which emits ultraviolet light (vitiligo skin should "glow" in white). Your doctor may also order a skin biopsy and blood test (to find out what is causing the changes).

Vitiligo is very difficult to treat, but in some cases it can be improved by applying "treatment" by brushing with plant preparations, the aim of which, in combination with sunlight or quartz lamp irradiation, stimulates the re-formation of the skin pigment, i.e. melanocytes (phototherapy). You can also use PUVA lamps, but it is a long therapy (from several months to about a year).

Improvement may also occur under the influence of the sun's rays alone. However, skin deprived of pigment cannot protect itself against UV radiation, therefore, in order to avoid skin burns, this treatment requires extreme caution (first of all, creams with strong 50 SPF filters should be applied to white spots on the skin). Most treatments aim to restore the lost pigment.

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