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Treatment of hair loss

Hair loss treatment - mesotherapy is an effective method that is used in the case of hair diseases (manifested by hair loss or significant weakening) and prophylactically. This method is especially effective when the loss or weakening of the hair condition is caused by, for example, poor diet, stress or poor circulation, as well as in androgenic alopecia. The substances used inhibit hair loss and help it regrow. The sooner this method is used, the better the effect.


  • hair thinning
  • alopecia
  • baldness prophylaxis


  • pregnancy
  • active inflammation of the head

The course of the procedure
Mesotherapy is based on local injection of the scalp and the introduction of nutrients. The hair follicles receive a healthy dose of valuable substances, thanks to which it is possible to stop the process of their weakening and falling out. Treatments are performed in series every 7-10 days.

Sometimes mesotherapy results in the regrowth of lost hair. However, there is no guarantee of hair restoration, but the improvement in appearance and condition is certain. Treatment with this method is determined individually, depending on the condition of the patient's hair.

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