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Aesthetic Medicine

Needle Mesotherapy

It’s been used for years in the medical method of treatment used for a variety of skin problems , involving the direct injection in the affected areas of suitable medicines. Mesotherapy is a nutrition , revitalization , stimulation , regeneration .


  • skin rejuvenation , regeneration of the skin (skin stressed , oxygenated )
  • immature , damaged UV acne before and after menopause , anti-wrinkle prevention
  • The hair loss
  • cellulite
  • The stretch marks

The course of treatment

  • pregnancy
  • herpes

Przebieg zabiegu

The procedure involves injecting small doses of the drug directly into the skin . Solutions for mesotherapy is usually a mixture of three revitalizing substances ( anti-aging ) and regenerating . Preparations operate depending on the composition : Nourishing , regenerative , stimulant . These substances do not pass into the circulatory system , but act locally , slowly travels through the skin and improving its condition . With intradermal injections of active preparation improves the microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue and increases the metabolism of fat cells ( lipolysis ) .


Mesotherapy will revitalize the skin by stimulating the natural regenerative properties of the skin. Mesotherapy treatment has become very popular because intradermal introduction of active ingredients for quick and visible results revitalization , resulting in a great mood and patient satisfaction . Noneedle takes effect only when it is performed in a series of treatments. Initially, one must undergo treatment every 10-14 days for two months , then it is worth doing one treatment per month to maintain the effect.


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