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Microdermabrasion – the technique of mechanical exfoliation layer by layer. It involves abrading layers of skin using a special device with heads covered with natural diamond crystals. With the removal of the upper layers of the epidermis cells in the basal layer comes to an intensified formation of new cells. Exfoliation is a gradual, controlled visual, so do not entail a risk of too deep or uneven peeling or scarring. Moreover, devices for microdermabrasion have a suction pump, whereby during the treatment is a kind of massage performed, resulting in increased synthesis of collagen and elastin – as a result of skin becomes thicker and firmer.


  • exfoliation of rough, calloused skin
  • skin rejuvenation and elimination of fine lines around the eyes, mouth and neck
  • acne vulgaris (punctata, follicular)
  • shallow acne scars
  • seborrhea
  • dry skin
  • treatment of blackheads
  • pores
  • atrophic and hypertrophic scars
  • staining and discoloration
  • caused by sun damage to the skin (face, hands, neck)
  • loose skin


  • broken blood vessels
  • tendency to keloid
  • rosacea
  • herpes

Course of the treatment

After removing a special head with the tip of a diamond and a suction pump is rubbed off layer after layer of the epidermis. Then it is applied properly sized mask for your skin type. It can also be enriched with vitamins ampoule. After washing off the mask rubbed the cream. Serial treatment performed every 7-10 days ( it should not lead to complete restoration of the epidermis).


This treatment dramatically improves the appearance of the skin, smoothes it is released from dead cells, stimulates cell renewal and results in better penetration of active ingredients. It also allows you to refresh the color to the face, closing the pores and causes shortness of fine wrinkles. It gives you an instant improvement in the oval face, wrinkles, crow’s feet, scars, acne and skin discoloration.







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