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Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation

Over time, our lips have a natural tendency to desiccation and loss of volume, which appear to be thinner and lose its shape. The skin of our mouth is much thinner than in other areas of the face so you should take care of their proper hydration and if you do not, the effects of the passage of time will appear here earlier than in other areas of the face. Treatments enlargement and augmentation are aimed at both young and mature people. In young people the problem is too small, thin lips and lip contour slightly scratched.

With the formulations of hyaluronic acid according to the needs can substantially improve the mouth and ensure for it in the right way.


  • significant expansion or only a mild enhancement paragraph
  • improve lip contour
  • hydration cheilitis
  • raise sagging corners of the mouth
  • remove wrinkles around the mouth and as a result their rejuvenation


  • pregnancy
  • herpes

The course of treatment

The procedure takes about 30 minutes, it is almost painless. As a rule of local anesthetic (cream). The holding period of the effect of initial treatment can be prolonged injections.


After injecting the gel into a line or wrinkle in the mouth (outline, red), the preparation involves water and increases the volume of the neighborhood smoothing wrinkles and lip contour modeling. The effects persist 8-12 months and depend inter alia skin type and lifestyle.









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