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Genetic test iGenesis

IGENESIS GENETIC TESTING IGenesis Completo RESEARCH are complementary modules: SLIM, MICRO, SENSOR, HEALTH, DETOX, FIT SPORT, MEDLINE, ANDROGEN, NEURO + Omega Test, which create a coherent picture of your body's individual needs. Made today is the basis for a healthy diet for many years. The results of the study will be invaluable support for people who care about:

  • Effective and healthy weight loss
  • Strengthening immunity of yourself and your loved ones Maintaining great form and a slim figure until old age of the regeneration process after injuries and procedures
  •  Proper nutrition before and during pregnancy
  •  Selecting the type of physical activity to suit your body's predisposition
  •  Increasing the effectiveness of training and supporting the body's regeneration process after exercise or injury
  •  Return to form after delivery Proper nutrition of the child
  • Avoiding diet-related diseases: diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, osteoporosis, obesity and some cancers
  • Adjusting the nutritional program to genetic predisposition to help the body fight the disease
  • Adapting the diet to intolerance and food hypersensitivity
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight without the yo-yo effect


 IGenesis Anti Aging TEST includes modules: Slim, Sensor, Micro, Detox The purpose of this study is to determine the unique metabolic profile of the test person and adapt individual dietary recommendations to it. These modules examine, among others genes related to the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, genes responsible for obesity, intolerance and food hypersensitivity, and the patient's body's ability to remove toxins and free radicals. After the genetic analysis, the patient receives a test report with nutritional recommendations. The test is performed once and its result is valid until the end of your life.

OMEGA TEST is a study of the concentration of fatty acids at the cellular level, which will facilitate the modification of the current method nutrition and effective prevention of lifestyle diseases. The right proportions of Omega fatty acids support the body's metabolism in the fight against pathogenic processes. Thanks to the results of the study, the report based on them, and the specialized support of our experts, you will receive the most reliable instructions for your health and fitness. It will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of nutritional predispositions and those related to physical activity.

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