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Botox treatment for migraines

Botox treatment for migraines

Botulinum toxin is an excellent analgesic, an additional advantage is prolonged action. When injected in the vicinity of the forehead, temples and neck keeps healing up to six months. Well suited to the elimination of pain without taking additional pharmacological agents is fully independent, and this effectively.


  • Migraine, voltage and chronic headaches


  • disorders of neuromuscular,
  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

Botox treatment involves injecting the product in the right spots on the head. Doctor after a thorough interview detects which muscles are responsible for causing pain to the patient. Injected botulinum toxin paralyzes the nerve endings in specific muscles and relaxes them, blocking the occurrence of spasms that cause migraines. Other muscles work without changes. This procedure takes a few minutes and is not painful – the patient feels only a simple, tiny needle prick.


Some patients experience relief after a few hours, but the full effect occurs after 3-7 days and lasts for 3-6 months. In more than half of the patients there is a complete disappearance of seizures in the remaining to significantly reduce the severity of migraine attacks.


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