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BARB 4 D Threads

Non-surgical face lift – an innovative method of fighting with the passage of time involves the subcutaneous implantation thread First Lift Barb convergent bidirectionally with hooks that strengthen the skin and float it, giving a natural effect of instant facelift. The results of treatment are maintained even up to 2 years!


  • face lift
  • modeling of selected parts of the face and body
  • drooping cheeks and lack of volume so. “hamsters”
  • deformation of the oval line
  • asymmetry eyebrows
  • drooping upper eyelids
  • breast lift
  • drooping shoulders so. pelicans
  • flabby inner thighs


  • pregnancy

Course of treatment

Super thin thread of First Lift BAR with microscopic hooks bi-directional taper is placed on ultra- thi , sterile needle with which is inserted under the skin in certain parts of the face or body subject to rejuvenation. It is these hooks allow you to achieve spectacular effect, lifting and firming the skin. Placed under the skin work as muscle tension, maintaining the subcutaneous tissue. As a result, after implantation begin to act as a scaffolding for the flabby skin and skin firming effect is visible immediately after treatment. The treatment is completely painless and allows you to return to daily activities immediately after its execution.


We obtain immediate lifting effect lasting up to two years ! The procedure is quick and painless . No incisions and scarring during surgery . Threads are completely absorbed by the body. Skin after the treatment becomes velvety smooth and radiant, wrinkle -free and properly tensioned.


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