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Acne treatment

Acne is one of the most common dermatological conditions. If left untreated, acne can be chronic and leave permanent marks such as scarring, discoloration and even emotional disorders.The occurrence of acne can have several causes (excess sebum production, hyperkeratosis, multiplication of bacteria).
It is advisable that its treatment should be started as early as possible because in its advanced stage it leaves permanent traces.


  • blackheads (non-inflammatory lesions)
  • lumps
  • purulent changes


  • pregnancy

The course of the procedure

To combat such a complex disease, it is necessary to use various techniques, therefore it is recommended to treat patients with the so-called "Associated system". It involves a combination of medical and cosmetic treatments and treatments
cleansing and proper skin care. The method of treatment is selected individually for each patient. The goal of such therapy is to normalize the production of sebum (but not to degrease the skin), to prevent inflammatory reactions and the formation of possible scars. After the inflammation has been eliminated and the glands are restored, acne scars may be a problem, and microdermabrasion treatments and medical peelings help to reduce scars and discoloration.


The effect of the treatment is to calm acne lesions - pimples, lumps and purulent eruptions, it also reduces skin seborrhea and smooths any acne scars.

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